Looking for assistance on a map for my server.

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    Hi, if anyone has the time to do so, I'm running a server with the map named 2Fart. It is a great-looking map (despite the name), but for my server's needs, it is a little lacking. I need a few things on it and I would do it myself if I had any knowledge on how to make maps. I will link you to the .bsp file if you decide to help me.
    (I would link the .bsp file in this thread but I'm not on my personal computer, so please add me on Steam!)

    The things I need are (I will go into more detail about what the specifics are if you decide to help me out):
    - A boxing ring
    - A Spycrab room
    - A Friendly Area
    - A few easter eggs
    - Some additions to the base map's sewers
    - Possibly some other small add-ons I can't think of at the moment

    If you can help me in any way with this, that would be awesome!
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    If someone wants to help you, them you have to send the vmf not the bsp
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    i would love to help, send me the VMF.
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    Just to clarify, but is this map one you already have but you want stuff added to it? Or in other words, you want one of us to edit someone elses map?