Helltrain event_rc10

Steal the Soul Cells from the enemy Sempiternal Soul System to live forever!

  1. A Bucket
    Halloween-Ctf map built into 2 giant trains with multiple moving skyboxes. Features hardly any wasted interior volume and accessible rooftops.

    A Bucket: Layout, Detailing, Lighting, Optimization, Modelling, Sound
    Phenomene: Mapping, Ideas
    Rytu: Custom textures, Modelling, Sound, Particals
    Pixenal: Animation, Modelling
    Emolga: Scaling, Layout
    Overpovered: Blue manor content


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Recent Updates

  1. Optimization Polish
  2. Huge optimization improvements!
  3. Optimization and clipping

Recent Reviews

  1. IndiePhunq
    Version: event_rc6
    For RC5, not RC6. One of the best event maps I've played. Rarely stalemates, which is no small achievement for a CTF map. Could use another bridge between trains.