Map Testing

How to Submit Your Map

Here at TF2Maps, we run regular map tests on our servers. All playable maps* are accepted! If you'd like to test your map with us, follow these steps:
  1. Join the TF2Maps Discord and navigate to the #bot channel.
  2. Type "!add <download url> <notes>" (without the quotes or brackets) to add your map to the queue. Please type the exact filename (e.g. cp_example_a1) to help out our test hosts! Notes are optional.
  3. That's it! Feel free to hang out in chat until a map test is announced. Depending on the length of the queue, it may take a day or two to get to yours.
*Submitted maps should meet the following criteria:
  • Maps that do not require a plugin to function.
  • Proper lighting. No fullbright, excessive HDR bloom, or overly dark maps.
  • Working gameplay logic. Make sure the map is winnable, and important gameplay elements such as doors and spawns work.
  • No leaks. These will hurt your map's performance and lighting quality.
  • Packed custom content. If you use any models/textures/etc. that didn't come with TF2, they need to be packed in so other players can see them. See CompilePal, VIDE.
  • Repacked. This compresses the map and reduces the file size. Guide

Game Servers

* The MVM servers are kept offline sometimes. If you try to connect and are unable to please contact staff so we can fire it up for you.


We run a custom feedback plugin that allows players to leave comments with optional coordinates as they play. Once your map has been tested, you can find the recorded feedback and demos here.