TF2Maps Presents: The TF2 Summer Jam 2018

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    Header by Fuzzy and Void.

    Sun, sun, sun, here it comes - the TF2 Summer Jam 2018! The cold of Winter may have kept us from our usual bi-annual Jams, but now things are getting hot, hot, hot, and the Jam is back and better than ever. Last year we hit 742 total submissions, and we all know we can smash that record to pieces. Starting to heat up? Crack a window, crack open a can, and let's get to work.

    The TF2 Summer Jam 2018 begins 6PM GMT, July 27th, 2018!

    Time Converter at

    New to the Jam? Here's what to do: make things for or about Team Fortress 2, in less than 72 hours. Maps, models, videos, artwork, fanfiction, articles, games, mods, sculpture, interpretive dance - it’s all good! Then post it on the site to show us what you’ve made - and we’ll give you an in-game medal so you can show the world just how much you do for the TF2 community.

    Like last year, we are again running a charity drive alongside the Jam! This year, we've partnered up with AbleGamers - from their website, the AbleGamers Charity wields the power of gaming to break down the barriers of economic and social isolation for people with disabilities. AbleGamers isn't new to the TF2 community, with several other charity drives supporting them in the past - in fact, many of them are avid fans of the game! Those who donate more than $5 USD to the charity drive will receive a unique medal in-game for their kindness.



    • Make something for or about Team Fortress 2.
    • Do not start before 6PM GMT on Friday, July 27th, 2018. Finish before 6PM GMT on Monday, July 30th, 2018.
      • You can plan before the Jam starts if you want, but don’t start working! (See the FAQ for more on this, and for entering at different times).
    • Before time ends, post a download for your content in the 72hr Entries Category.
      • This lets everyone see what everyone has done, and provide help and feedback.
    • You may use publicly available resources or tools such as ABS's Mappers Resource or Fuse, but you must credit them appropriately.
      • This also applies to custom content or templates - use it, but let everyone know where you got it from.
      • Everything you enter has to be your own work - no stealing stuff!
    As per usual, everyone who enters will get a medal to wear in-game! The medal has been kindly made for us by Zoey "Zobot" Smith, and looks like this. We have a semi-automatic system for handing out medals, so if you want to get one you must do the following.
    • Post your entry as a forum download in the 72hr Jam Entries category.
    • Connect your forum account to the steam account you want the medal for here. It won't be tradable, so make sure it's for an active account.
    • If you have more than one collaborator on a project, PM me when you submit it. I'll need their steamID too, and what work they did on the project.
    • If you haven’t done this within three days of the end of the jam, you will not get a medal - so be sure to do this!
    • We reserve the right to not give the medal to low-effort entries! If you’re just entering to get a medal, try to test yourself!
      • To clarify, you won’t be denied a medal for not being very good, but you might be denied if you don’t try hard.
      • Examples of things that might not count: hastily-made MSPaint pictures, loadout pictures, stick-figure art.
      • Obviously, you don’t get a medal if you break any of the rules.
    For the medal of the AbleGamers Charity Drive, it has been provided by Zoey "Zobot" Smith, and myself, as seen in the header at the top of the page. We'll be using the same system to distribute these medals, but to get one, you'll need to do things slightly differently. Here's how!
    • When donating $5 USD or more to the Charity Drive, leave a link to your Steam URL in your donation message.
    • If you accidentally donate without leaving a Steam URL in the comments, PM me with proof of your donation [an email, receipt, etc] and a link to your Steam URL.
    • One per donor! We appreciate multiple donations to the charity, but we'll only be distributing one medal per Steam URL.
    If you want to join other people participating to chat, you can hop in our Discord! It's always active and fully equipped with channels for map testing via bots, mapping help, sharing live streams, and general fun to be had with the rest of the community! You can join our Steam Group too, if you so please. We also have a hashtag: use #tf2jam to find other participants on twitter/tumblr/instagram/myspace etc.

    Feel free to post and update your entry at any time during the event - and make sure to drop in to other people's threads and share kind thoughts and constructive criticism. We also love people streaming: if you're planning on streaming your efforts, post a link to your livestream here - 14Bit has made a guide to getting a countdown clock on your stream here. Don't post things on the Steam group main page, though: we don't check it very often.
    Can I make a -
    Let me stop you there: yes, if it's related to Team Fortress 2. If it's lewd or NSFW, though, we would prefer you hosted it elsewhere and post a link, marked as NSFW, to it, rather than uploading it directly to here - this stops it being previewed on the front page.

    Can I enter on another day?
    Yes - you can enter on whatever 72hr period you wish, though we suggest you do so before the normal contest time. Simply post the dates/times you wish to enter in this thread, and i'll make a list.

    We can't promise to provide the same amount of support for people entering outside the normal time, but we'll do our best.

    Can I collaborate with someone else?
    Yes! Make sure to credit everybody involved when you make your upload though.

    Do I need to be a TF2Maps member to join?
    Nope! Or, well, sort of. You’ll need to join the site to upload your entry, but this is open to everybody, even those who’ve never been here before.

    What can I do before the Jam starts?
    This depends on what it is you want to do with the Jam. Do you want to go from a completely blank slate to a finished project, or meticulously plan every detail before opening your chosen tool? Either is fine.

    What we don't want people doing is continuing with half-finished or already-in-development projects. The Jam is a great time to flex your creative muscles and try something new.

    What if I don’t want to abide by all these cruel and restrictive rules?
    That’s cool. We’re not fussed. We’re glad you’re joining us! However, please let us know if you’re doing that – its not fair to other people if some get to start earlier, say. You probably won't get the medal, though.

    How can I get feedback on my project?
    The two best ways are to post a thread on the forums, and to join the Discord and ask people what they think - we're always happy to help. If you want your map tested, similarly join the Discord and ask - we can show you how to get it added to the list. There are a few other rules that maps need to abide by for us to test them (since doing otherwise can break our servers) - see the bottom question below.

    I want someone to collaborate with me!
    This isn't a question. However: post in the thread you're in right now, and maybe someone will offer tojoin you. (It usually helps your chances to say both what you're good at and what ideas you already have.)

    What are these extra rules for testing maps?
    • Don't use special characters or capital letters in your filename.
    • Maps must be able to spawn at least 24 players (12 per team).
    • Include some lighting - no fullbright maps.
    • If your map requires point_servercommands to be active, then contact an admin before running it. We reserve the right to refuse any map like this.
    Contact staff about inquiries regarding MvM testing if you plan to make an MvM map.

    When does the Charity Drive start and how long will it last?
    It will start alongside the Jam, and will be linked accordingly. Once running, you can then donate at will. We'll be monitoring the drive closely in the weeks after the Jam, so feel free to donate in that time as well. More information on the Charity Drive soon!

    Can I get both medals?
    If you fit the criteria for both, of course!

    Can I get the Charity Medal if I don't participate in the Jam?
    Sure! We'd really love to have you on board for the Jam as well, though this isn't necessary when donating.


    The 72 Hour Jams have become a staple of the TF2 community, and we look forward to running them every year. If you're new to this or hesitant to try it out, please, by all means, we encourage you to go for it. These events are all about bringing the community together and making great things. Even if you think you're not artistic, you'd be surprised at what you can do! If you've been around the block a few times, always remember to help out others, and share your knowledge. We're all in this together!

    As always, if you have any questions - post in the thread, drop into the Discord, or drop me a PM!​
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    Oh well... at last :cool:
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    oh no... ;~; I'm not sure if I can do this one
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    72 hours jam here we go :D
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    I already know what I'm gonna do! I'm excited!!
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    might make something in gmod
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    ;) I got better from last time, I can do somethin!
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    maybe i wont do shitty artworks and actually try to make a map for this one
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    Oh heck yes,
    I don't have to worry about this colliding with my Summer School, and I can try to publish another map!
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    A quick question for clarification, as this had come up before: is that 6PM UTC, or 6PM BST (UTC+1)? The time converter linked is assuming BST, so it'd be nice to get that out of the way now rather than have someone make a mistake later
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    i have been thinking about the map i want to create. a 3cp attack/deffence map.
    blu will attack a red "radar outpost" that is actualy a "rocket test and launch site."
  13. iiboharz

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    It should be UTC/GMT, no BST here.
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    *Wakes up from deep slumber*
    Ooh, will have to try this one!
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    Aw I got competition tomorrow tho. I'll still try to make something but for me it will be like 48 hour jam
  16. Startacker!

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    The jam doesn't begin for another month.
  17. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

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    ....I need to get my eyes checked
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    I have an idea, but it involves using my oven. At the end of July. Probably not the smartest idea . . . . .
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    Best part of the summer tbh
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    here we go again
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